How Can We Help the Community?

We are all in this together……..


We don’t need to tell you; this is a challenging time for us as individuals and as a community.  We all need to do what we can to maintain our physical and mental health.  For more than 20 years the Heritage Trust has strived to be a source of health, well-being and community spirit.  Today we are striving to stay alive while continuing to thrive . . . and you can help.


Even as you stay in your homes and “socially isolate,” you can be part of a larger community effort to support the health and well-being of your family, friends, neighbors.  The toll this pandemic has had on our community varies by individual but as time goes on some are facing challenges they never imagined.  In the next few weeks the Heritage Trust would like to do what we do best by becoming the central hub in the community to support needs as they change through this pandemic.


Help Us Help You

The Heritage Trust Non-profit and Heritage Park


The Heritage Trust is a non-profit that supports efforts at the park. It is responsible for the Heritage Community Center, bathrooms, playgrounds, shack concession and all the programs and activities at Heritage Park - we closed down all of those amenities and programs EARLY in an attempt to keep people at home - the Town of Brookhaven recently withdraw all field permits for the same reason.

The Heritage Trust Board of Directors and the Town hoped that people would have a personal moral obligation to stay home to keep us ALL safe as much as possible. When organized sports and large groups of people were at the park even after permits were rescinded, the Heritage Board of Directors reached out to Councilwoman Bonner from the Town of Brookhaven. Together we agreed that the use of the fields needed better enforcement. The Councilwoman arranged to have the town public safety officers and the SC Sheriff's department monitor the park with the understanding that if controlling the number of people became unmanageable the park would be closed.

The park remains open for brief periods of exercise and to use the walking paths while exercising social distancing. Enforcement will be present from 9 am-7 pm when the park will be closed overnight. Intermittent periods of closure may happen if there are too many people at the site at the same time. Our hope is to keep the park open until it becomes impossible to do so.

These actions are being put in place to keep us ALL safe.

Heritage Trust Board of Directors



Frequently Asked Questions 


Is the Heritage Center Open?

  • The Heritage center is open Wednesday from 58 pm and Saturday from 9-1 pm.  You can reach us by leaving a phone message (631) 509-0882 or an e-mail at  E-mail is our preferred method. Please be patient, you will receive a response.


How can I stay updated?

  • Visit this page often for updates

  • “Like” us on Facebook @ Heritage Center


I have a reservation for Comedy night on Oct 9, 2020 will the event still take place.

  • Comedy night has been rescheduled for April 23, 2021.  


Will there be a Fall Carnival?

  • The fall carnival has been canceled. 


I have a reservation for a private celebration at the Heritage Center.  Will the center be open?


  • All private rentals are now taking place under NYS phase 4 guidelines which limits capacity to 50 people.  All cancelations resulting from the COVID-19 related illness will have cancelation fees waived except the $50 administrative processing fee.


Other COVID-19 Resources


Suffolk County Map – Current total by hamlet


Center for Disease Control – CDC


Stony Brook Drive-thru COVID-19 testing facility – 


The site will operate from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., by appointment only, though no doctor referral is needed. The number to call for an appointment is 888-364-3065.  

You will be notified of results by the New York State Department of Health. You may also access your results directly.

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