The Avenue of America and Parade of American Flags evolved from the outburst of patriotism and nationalism following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.


The landscape and  hardscape of the Avenue and the Parade event were established by Heritage Trust volunteers between 2009 to 2013 lead by Fred Drewes. The basic goal was to promote pride in our nation, lift people's spirit and present the history, symbolism  and growth of our nation. Creativity of volunteers and donations of money, materials and skills of citizens, young and old, business folk and common folk, scouts and seniors, have made the Avenue and Parade a much enjoyed feature and event of the Park. 

Wooden Bald Eagle Sign

 Avenue of America consists of the following:

  1. Allee of Trees represents each state tree provided the tree is conducive to our climate.

  2. Avenue of Pavers represent the colonial period

  • Old Glory Flags with different numbers of stars giving the dates they were flown as our national flag

  • State and territory pavers identify when they became part of the USA

  3. Wooden Bald Eagle Mileage Sign with arrows                   pointing to places in the US States or Territories               marks the be the beginning of the Avenue of    


 4. Court of America a sitting area with four benches each having two plaques with quotes of presidents or famous citizens

  • Central rock garden represents the continental USA and has representations of mountain ranges, Great Lakes, shape of country and even Long Island

  • Map bordered by "Presidential Blocks" arranged in historical sequence. Each block has the name of the president and the years served

  • Landscape bordered with perennial flowers and shrubs representative of state flowers, remembrance of WWI (poppies) as well as 13 white roses to represent the first 13 states.

  • Recognition of Armed Forces 

Eagle Scout project by Patrick Holomshek; BS Troop 384
Large stone with bronze seals of USA and Five Armed Forces
A national flag and 5 Armed Services flags flown 

5. Patriotic Triangle planted by Girl Scout Troop #1090 for Centennial Celebration of GS representing our national      

   colors- Red,  white and blue

  • Heart shape for Love of Country and some think of it as a purple heart when blue/purple flowers of Walkers Low are in bloom.

  • Three sides and three columns with seals represent the three branches of our government.

Judiciary - Corinthian column
Legislative - Corinthian column
Executive - Ionic column


100 National, state, territory and local flags will be displayed exhibiting the growth of our nation. Walking between these flags and reading about our history will lift your spirits, promote pride in our country and remember those who have served our nation. The symbols of the flags and landscape along the Avenue of American will be explained during the guided tour. Recognition of our Armed Forces and "provide for our common defense" will be observed at the Court of America. The Parade of American Flags takes you through the history of our nation from flags beginning in the colonial period.


This FREE event promotes pride in our community and country and takes place 3 times a year on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. Volunteers (Scouts and adults) assemble to display flags and informational signs.

Fun Facts about the Parade of American Flags
  • Suffolk County and 5 Town flags are flown

  • 85 Old Glory (30), state (50) and territory flags (6) arranged in chronological order exhibiting the growth of nation from the first to ratify the constitution - Delaware to the last to enter Hawaii

  • Old Glory Flags are spaced between states marking the entry of new states. The new Old Glory flags,with different numbers of stars, became the official national flag on July 4th after the states entry to the union.

  • 55 informational signs describe the States and territories and are paired with the State flags displaying the state flag, state information, state coin, state seal and other interesting facts about the state.

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