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        Photo by: Claudia Geiger

The Avenue of America has three main features. Trees have been planted to line the Avenue and create an arboretum like environment. Flags of the Suffolk County and the 10 Towns of the county will represent our nation’s colonial period. 50 state, 5 territory, Washington D.C. and 33 Old Glory flags will represent the various parts of our nation. Eventually signs will describe the flags and what each represents.

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The Avenue of America Committee of the Heritage Trust organized the creation of this patriotic, symbolic and educational feature that is now part of our Heritage Park. We hope the exhibit of the Parade of American Flags will add to the quality of our lives and make the Heritage Park a place to visit on national holidays.

The Avenue has been made possible by a combination of funds donated by citizens, donations of materials and in kind services and one government grant. A bridge loan to the Heritage Trust America Fund has allowed for work to be done in hopes that future funds will repay this gracious loan.

Fred Drewes and Bob Koch
Co-chairs, Avenue of America Committee

Please contact us if you would like to help with the work of the Parade of American Flags by email: Ave.america2010@verizon.net

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